23 nov 2013

- I will never end being fascinated -

I will never end being fascinated…

… by the interaction between ourselves as a single person and the others
… by how the others who we met by fate, will or randomness in our journey has a direct reflection on who we are and how we evolve and think
… by the scale of actions that we might decide to take (or not to take) in order to make the World a better place (from the one-on-one mentoring to the local initiatives to entertain a small community to the big ideas that might have an influence on a global dimension)
… by the many stories that there are out there (7 billion people living today and a history of about 200,000 years) and the relatively small amount that we can live and learn about… and the fate, will or randomness that make us live or learn about them
… by the strange correlation about things-that-influence-our-range-of-action and our-range-of-action-than-can-influence-things